Candidates to Vote for:


Sue Himmelrich
 Genise Schnitman
 Marcy Winograd
 Caroline Torosis
 Angie Aramayo
 Heidi Shink 
Erika Feresten


Assembly District:

Date:  Sunday, January 8

Candidate speeches begin:  12:30pm

Registration & voting begin:  1pm - 3pm

Ballot Counting Begins: 3pm

Location:  Santa Monica Public Library,

MLK Auditorium  601 Santa Monica Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Progressive Slates for

Delegates of California

This is a very important time to elect delegates that properly represent the public's interests.  These Districts are the most relevant to our club.  If neither of these Districts pertain to you, visit and select your AD to see who to vote for!

 Jenna Sutherland 
 Karleen Basch 
 Doris Dent 
 Leslie Simon 
 Dr. Loraine Lundquist 
 Jacky Guerrero 
 Victoria Solkovitz 

Elections will be held either January 7th or January 8th 2017 depending on your Assembly District.  See who will properly represent our state!

You can vote for up to 7 men and 7 women.

Cary Brown (and EBoard)
 Mike Goldman 
 Gregg Solkovitz
 Dan McCrory 
 Calvin Abassi
 Noah Neumark 
 Micha Liberman 


Assembly District:

Date:  Sunday, January 8

Candidate Speeches Begin:  12:30pm   

Registration & Voting:  1 - 3pm   

Ballot Counting Begins: 3pm

Location:  Westfield Topanga Community Center  21710 Vanowen Street, Canoga Park, CA 91303

Onsite Phone:213-393-9200

 Kevin McKeown
 Sion Roy
 Jon Katz
 Rick Watts
 A. Lee Walkup
 Chris Bowen
 Ted Vaill

Candidates to Vote for: