Nanette Barragán has been elected to US Congress representing the 44th District of California.  She fights for Equal Rights and is the epitome of The American Dream.  She lived an impoverished childhood but rose to the occasion and excelled through school and her current political career.  Barragán was endorsed by several Latino members of Congress as well as the Sierra Club and the League of Conservation Voters, which seemed to mean the difference against opponent Isadore Hall, who despite being endorsed by our Governor and Lieutenant Governor, was criticized for his ties to unfavorable special interests.  We hope Nanette will go on to accomplish great things! 

     Kamala Harris mobilized a demographically rich spectrum of voters to take the California U.S. Senate seat.  As the daughter of immigrants from India and Jamaica, Harris will become only the second black woman in the nation’s history to serve in Congress’ upper chamber.   In the U.S. Senate on Tuesday, she tore down a color barrier that has stood for as long as California statehood.  Even in a state often perceived as liberal outlier, Harris’ victory to succeed retiring Sen. Barbara Boxer provides another significant marker in the march for political equality during her lifetime.

     Ted W. Lieu was elected as Congressman representing the 33rd District of California.  His name is well-known around these parts, as his accomplishments have made an impact nationally.  His focus on reaching essential environmental and climatic goals imperative to the sustainability of our communities, has assisted California in becoming a leader and standard for other states.  Not only does he plan to improve our quality of life through the restoration of our planet, but also through fighting for social justice, improving widespread Medicare, and providing resources for veterans.  He served four years in the US Air Force and still holds the ranking of Colonel in the Reserves.  

     Sion Roy ​​is currently a professor of medicine and cardiologist at top-ranked UCLA Harbor Medical Center.  He has dedicated his life to service from an early age.  Sion grew up understanding the value of education to a person’s quality of life, and he will work to increase educational opportunities for everyone.    He led the charge to bring attention to the aging facilities at Santa Monica High School, protecting our students from possible environmental hazards and preserving the legacy of the school for future generations of our students.  His knowledge and passion for the issue of education has been recognized by his peers.

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This 2016 election cycle is finally over, and the relief of this drawn-out escapade ending has quickly been overtaken by disbelief and anguish.  And even though democratic organizations, supporters and officials are baffled and frantic about the presidential outcome, we would like to celebrate some of our victories in the congressional and senate races.

 A Congratulations to:

     Bernie Sanders fully encompasses what we are about here at PDSMM.  Sanders represents a movement that is beginning to rip the seems of it's tightly woven society.  While he was unsuccessful in obtaining the Democratic nomination, we continue to follow his work post-election.  No matter his age, he treats the youth of this country as people who can impact their world as much as their hearts and morals call for; not as pawns to a greater mechanism.  He uses his voice and message to compensate for those who have grown hoarse, and it truly comes from the goodness of his heart.  We not see just how powerful his words are, whether written in the form of his new book, Our Revolution, or on stage energizing thousands of supporters, who fill a variety of demographics.  We aim to spread his message and intentions to use them as a catalyst for a more progressive candidate and overall future.  We fully support Bernie Sanders and will follow him until the change we envision has been made.  

     Henry Stern, a familiar Malibu local, was victorious in his bid for State Senator for the 27th District. Stern, a Democrat who was hand-picked by outgoing Senator Fran Pavely to fill her seat in Sacramento, was formally an environmental attorney, taking on colossus corporations that pollute obsessively and endanger our environment.  he helped craft legislation to address climate change, fracking, the drought, teacher shortages, and women's health.  We are extremely thankful for his work and his vision.